Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching stems from an understanding that the courses I teach are a stepping stone for students and their goals. While the student’s days in the classroom are numbered, their need for knowledge is not. Therefore, I believe teaching students how to learn and think critically about material is as important as teaching the material itself. The information they learn should be more than just facts they can regurgitate, but material they can discuss, debate, explain to others. Therefore, my courses include active learning activities where students apply the information they have learned.  This perspective motivates my course design and lesson plans as discussed in the following sections.

Introduction to Psychology: Agnes Scott and Georgia Tech approach introductory psychology a bit differently. Whereas Georgia Tech offers a one semester class (PSYC 1101), Agnes Scott breaks up introductory psychology into PSY 101 and PSY 102. I taught PSY 102 at Agnes Scott during Fall ’14. I co-taught PSYC 1101 at Georgia Tech during Spring ’15.

Engineering Psychology: I have taught two sections of this course after serving as a teaching assistant in Fall ’12. I taught PSY 295 at Agnes Scott College during Spring ’15 and later taught PSYC 2270 at Georgia Tech during Fall ’16. This course introduces students to the field of Engineering Psychology. The course focuses on the process of user-centered design. The class project allows students to demonstrate their ability to consider and design for human capabilities and limitations by redesigning an existing product or system using the tools the acquired through the semester.

Cognitive Psychology: I served as the course lab instructor for three sections of this
course during Fall ’13, Fall ’15, and Spring ’15 at Georgia Tech. This undergraduate lab is designed to provide students with practical experience in designing, analyzing, and reporting cognitive psychology research. Students gain experience using Excel and SPSS for analyzing data, and emphasis is placed on reporting research in APA style.

Mentoring: Having taught at both Agnes Scott College, a small liberal arts college for women, and Georgia Institute of Technology, a midsize technology focused institute, I have experience teaching diverse learners with different goals and backgrounds.

Courses Taught

 Engineering Psychology, Georgia Tech                                                                      Fall 2016
 Engineering Psychology, Agnes Scott College                                                      Spring 2015
 Introductory Psychology, Georgia Tech                                                                Spring 2015
Introductory Psychology, Agnes Scott College                                                           Fall 2014

Teaching Assistant

Lab Instructor, Cognitive Psychology, Georgia Tech              Fall 2013,2015; Spring 2015
 Engineering Psychology, Georgia Tech                                              Fall 2012, Spring 2016
Learning and Memory, Georgia Tech                                                                           Fall 2014
 Introductory Psychology, Georgia Tech                                              Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Cognitive Psychology, Georgia Tech                                                     Fall 2012, Spring 2013


Technology Production Studio, Agnes Scott College                          Fall 2008 – Fall 2011
Statistics, Psychology Department, Agnes Scott College                                        Fall 2010
English as a Second Language, Agnes Scott College                                                 Fall 2009


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